About Us

I have been making dolls for over 10 years, mainly they are miniatures, i.e.1:12 scale (ladies approx. 5½” tall, men 6”).  They are made from porcelain, their heads can gently articulate and can sit or stand.  My dolls are known for their beautiful faces which are china painted, this process I have developed over the years.

The costumes are extensively researched & historically accurate, I use fine delicate fabrics, laces and ribbons. The ladies all wear undergarments and shoes with accessories that will complete the doll to a high standard.

To date I have never duplicated a doll, so whilst I am happy to take on commissions please understand I will not create a previous doll, however, I will create something similar and therefore you also will have a unique one of kind doll.

At present I am designing ball jointed dolls and my own moulds, so as they say, ‘watch this space'.

PLEASE CONTACT ME USING THIS EMAIL:- deb_heverbell@btinternet.com   (Not the contact form)  Thank you.