Costumed Dolls

SID 11 • SCODE s13

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Costuming my dolls is the ‘icing on the cake’, out of all the doll making process. My passion for history enables my research to be a labour of love, pouring over my own miniature library, borrowing books or using the valuable internet for inspiration to ensure the fashion period and etiquette are followed, I will try to recreate the chosen period for my dolls with quite a degree of accuracy. There is a constant search for naturally available fabrics and trims , rather than manmade products which simply don’t drape the same. The laces are sometimes hand dyed in order to compliment a gown, and I will choose from my collection of ribbons, beads, feathers and handmade porcelain flowers to embellish hats, parasols and bags. The ladies and little girls have a combination of undergarments and shoes.

Please note unless specified, any background props, i.e. furniture larger toys or ornaments are not included.


I am often asked if I can make a doll in a certain era or copy a photograph - so yes, I will accept commissions. If you are interested please contact me for further details.

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