• Costumed Doll Henry VIII - Tudor Monarch -SOLD

A very ionic extravagant monarch shown here in his magnificent costume. We read that Henry suffered a series of unfortunate accidents and a decline in health which impacted on his looks, however, he still knew how to dress to impress, adorning himself in fine clothing and jewels appearing the image of a magnificent King. I have hand sculpted this doll from polymer clay over a strong armature. Henry he is one of a kind with no mould being taken. He stands approximately 6” on a bespoke wooden stand, which attaches under his foot – you can of course display him without this stand. Henry VIII is part of my Tudor Collection (II), you can see a model of his daughter Elizabeth I (porcelain) and one of her Ladies in waiting – Lady Alice (porcelain). This doll was made for adult collectors and not intended for children under 14 years.

Approximately 303 Euros ╰(*°▽°*)╯

Costumed Doll Henry VIII - Tudor Monarch -SOLD

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