• Abigail -SOLD

Abigail’s gown is a very detailed and layered affair, the silk skirts are pleated with the lower skirt being pulled under to create a puffed rounded outline. The top back skirt adds additional dimension, there are copious amounts of silk ribbon and lace. The bodice is firm with the beautiful silk habotai neckline adding softness. The shoes are handmade and typical from the Georgian period. She carries a fan. The hair is made from viscose. It is a classical evening style with the top knots being coiffed into an elegant shape, embellished with flowers, feathers and beads, as befits the late Georgian period. Abigail is made mainly from porcelain, with a soft lower body and also the tops of her legs. The height is approximately 5½”. The doll stands on a bespoke wooden stand secured by rods which easily attaches under her feet. This doll was made for adult collectors and is NOT suitable for children under 14 years of age.

Abigail -SOLD

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